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The exhibition is divided into 7 ethnological sections concerned with the evolution of human activities.

These sections are not mutually exclusive: from some point in their development onwards, they interact and operate in harmony.

The classification of the 7 sections is based on human beings’ biological need to survive and adapt, and the methods they use to do so successfully.

The 7 sections are presented in order as follows:

1. Food

Food is the primary necessity for the survival of every living being. Humans meet this need in many different ways and using increasingly complex methods. Nutritional choices provide particularly important information on the social organisation and adaptation of every human group.


2. Architecture

This general term covers the basic human need to construct a safe shelter for the night, for each person and family.

3. Weaving

Humans combated the cold with permanent shelters (caves, huts) which allow the use of a hearth for cooking and heating. At first they wore animal skins, later followed by clothing of woven plant and animal tissue.

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