Iron Objects

Structural Elements Of Metal And Wood In The Cretan House

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Structural elements of metal constitute the functional elements of wooden door and window frames in the Cretan house.

In spite of the scarcity of metal in the difficult times of successive foreign occupations,[1] local artisans used metal in wooden frames with skill, expertise and attention to detail, creating small anonymous works of art and contributing to aesthetic and architectural development.

The study, recording and photographing of these structural elements of Cretan architecture has been undertaken with the object of preserving them for historical research, using them in renovation work and making them a source of inspiration for younger generations.

[1] 1st Byzantine Period: 330 - 824 AD

Arab Occupation: 824 - 961

2nd Byzantine Period: 961 - 1204

Venetian Occupation: 1204 - 1645

Turkish Occupation: 1645 - 1897

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